Metaheuristics For Production Scheduling

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This book describes the potentialities of metaheuristics for solving production scheduling problems and the relationship between these two fields

















A Comparison of Local Search Metaheuristics for a Hierarchical Flow Shop Optimization Problem with Time Lags, Emna Dhouib, Jacques Teghem, Daniel Tuyttens and Ta cir Loukil

A Hybrid GRASP-Differential Evolution Algorithm for Solving Flow Shop Scheduling Problems with No-Wait Constraints, Hanen Akrout, Bassem Jarboui, Patrick Siarry and Abdelwaheb Reba

A Multicriteria Genetic Algorithm for the Resource-constrained Task Scheduling Problem, Olfa Dridi, Saoussen Krichen and Adel Guitouni

About the Authors Bassem Jarboui is Professor at the University of Sfax, Tunisia

An Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for Solving Flow Shop Scheduling Problems with Sequence-dependent Family Setup Times, Mansour Eddaly, Bassem Jarboui, Radhouan Bouabda, Patrick Siarry and Abdelwaheb Reba

Combination of a Metaheuristic and a Simulation Model for the Scheduling of Resource-constrained Transport Activities, Virginie Andr , Nathalie Grangeon and Sylvie Norre

Contents 1

Evolutionary Metaheuristic Based on Genetic Algorithm Application to Hybrid Flow Shop Problem with Availability Constraints, Nadia Chaaben, Racem Mellouli and Faouzi Masmoudi

For the past several years, there has been an increasing interest in using metaheuristic methods to solve scheduling problems

Genetic Algorithms for Solving Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems, Imed Kacem

Jacques Teghem is Professor at the Universit

Many real-world applications are presented by the authors, making this an invaluable resource for researchers and students in engineering, economics, mathematics and computer science

Mathematical Programming and Heuristics for Scheduling Problems with Early and Tardy Penalties, Mustapha Ratli, Rachid Benmansour, Rita Macedo, Sa d Hanafi, Christophe Wilbaut

Metaheuristics for Biobjective Flow Shop Scheduling, Matthieu Basseur and Arnaud Liefooghe

Metaheuristics for Job Shop Scheduling with Transportation, Qiao Zhang, Herv Manier, Marie-Ange Manier

Metaheuristics for the Solution of Vehicle Routing Problems in a Dynamic Context, Tient Hsu, Gilles Gon alves and R my Dupas

Models and Methods in Graph Coloration for Various Production Problems, Nicolas Zufferey

Multi-Objective Metaheuristics for the Joint Scheduling of Production and Maintenance, Ali Berrichi and Farouk Yalaoui

Neutrality in Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Landscape Structure and Local Search, Marie-El onore Marmion

Optimization via a Genetic Algorithm Parametrizing the AHP Method for Multicriteria Workshop Scheduling, Fouzia Ounnar, Patrick Pujo and Afef Denguir

Pareto Solution Strategies for the Industrial Car Sequencing Problem, Caroline Gagn , Arnaud Zinflou and Marc Gravel

Patrick Siarry is Professor at the Laboratoire Images, Signaux et Syst mes Intelligents LISSI , University of Paris-Est Cr teil, France

The first part of the book presents eight applications of metaheuristics for solving various mono-objective scheduling problems

The main reasons for this are that such problems are generally hard to solve to optimality, as well as the fact that metaheuristics provide very good solutions in a reasonable time

The second part is itself split into two, the first section being devoted to five multi-objective problems to which metaheuristics are adapted, while the second tackles various transportation problems related to the organization of production systems

Vehicle Routing Problems with Scheduling Constraints, Rahma Lahyani, Fr d ric Semet and Beno t Trouillet

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