Training Reinforcement. The 7 Principles To Create Measurable Behavior Change And Make Learning Stick

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A proven framework to fill the gap between «knowing» and «doing» Training Reinforcement offers expert guidance for more effective training outcomes

Close the 5 Reinforcement Gaps and master the 3 Phases for results Create friction and direction while providing the perfect Push-Pull Follow the Reinforcement Flow to maintain consistency and effectiveness Create measureable behavior change by placing the participant central to the process Reinforcing training means more than simple repetition and reminders, and effective reinforcement requires a careful balance of independence and oversight

Last year, US companies spent over 165 Billon on training while many training programs themselves provide valuable skills and concepts, even the best-designed programs are ineffective because the learned behaviors are not reinforced

Learned skills and behaviors cannot be truly effective until they are engrained, and they can only become engrained through use, encouragement, and measureable progress

This book bridges the canyon between learning and doing by providing solid reinforcement strategies

This book provides a robust reinforcement framework that adds long-term value to any training program

Training Reinforcement provides a ready-made blueprint with proven results, giving trainers and managers an invaluable resource for leading behavioral change.

Without reinforcement, learned information gets shuffled to the back of the mind in the nice to know file, never again to see the light of day

Written by a former Olympic athlete and corporate training guru, this methodology works with human behavior rather than against it you'll learn where traditional training methods fail, and how to fill those gaps with proven techniques that help training stick. There's a difference between telling and teaching, and that difference is reinforcement

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